There are few things as beautiful as the way a bride smiles on her wedding day. A wedding begins long before the big day and capturing those beautiful moments is a pleasure!


A photographer at heart since the age of eighteen, Shehadeh has an eye for beauty, light & composition that differs him from anyone else. Shehadeh’s background in graphic design, project management and music provided an  ideal ground for his transition to wedding photography.

“My relationship with music and knowing when significant parts of a song are coming helps me to capture a wedding’s amazing moments once in a life time.”

Shehadeh naturally makes a bride feel at ease with his calm nature and heartwarming smile while using the sense of humor to get her excited on her wedding day. The result is a bunch of magical shots to be remembered forever!

It is all about observation, anticipation & timing!

How do you plan for a great collection of images?

“Confidence is the key! And I love to take each wedding to be a new challenge. A challenge to show the best of the wedding and the best of my talent! I prepare for the shots I want to do ahead of time to be mentally ready and shine in my comfort zone. I am also collaborative and like to work with my team to gather multiple opinions as a guidance to make the most of each moment.”