Mohammad Dawwas
Photographer and Founder

Favorite compliment, “Thank you for seeing all the hidden golden moments we didn’t even see or know they happened, capturing them for a life time is priceless.”


As the photography legend Erwitt once said, “Photography is about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.” Who has a better way of seeing them than Jordan’s most favorite photographer!


For his extraordinary way of seeing a moment and randomly capturing it, Dawwas is known for his pictures heartwarming charm that made his journey grow with every client. As he shares, “Moments, moments, it’s all about the moments. My photographers and I have an eye that is constantly scanning the room. We like to photograph anyone before they know what their best angles are.”

Founded on a rapid eye for absorbing spontaneous events and a love for intricate light and shadow, he has a track record for creating simple, timeless, iconic photographs. He believes that beauty is found in things imperfect - sometimes blurred, sometimes grainy, not often straight - but always emotive, always real, and always oozing with atmosphere.

Moments, moments, it’s all about the moments!

Dawwas followed his passion in photography in 2009. Since then, he discovered life behind the lens shooting everything he saw beauty in. He professionalized in photography in all fields and specialized in weddings’ photography and planning to establish his DawwasEye photography namesake. His experience grew in photojournalism, portraiture, advertising and still life to combine in defining his professionalism today. In 2014, DawwasEye partnered with a leading event planning studio, till DawwasEye Studio was established independently in 2016 for photography and wedding planning.


What's your favorite part of the wedding day?

“I guess I would say the bride’s Zaffeh when she leaves her house. With all the love and emotions, there a photographer clicks with the people with every click on the shutter.”