Committed to telling your love story in every detail

The Studio

DawwasEye Studio is a full service wedding planning and photography Studio committed to make our clients vision ad goals became an unforgettable real experience.
Our Studio, established in 2016 and located in the heart of Amman, stands out among all others for our dedicated experienced team for planning and photography that guarantees to take your wedding beyond your wildest expectations. Our planners are loved for serving nothing but the best of the best on all levels; sounds, lights, flowers, setup, catering, Zaffeh, photography and videography making sure your dream wedding day become reality and much more.

Flawless planning is only the first part that DawwasEye Studio excels at. The second part is beautiful photography and videography with the final product, online and print. Our photographers’ names shine in their field for their history and talent. DawwasEye Studio is a one-stop-shop designed to give you the best experience possible as we transform your wedding, family images into prints, well-designed albums and a wall collection of frames to admire the special moments you cherish every day.